Lessons learned from rapidly launching #telemedicine in 7 days in response to primary care appointment cancellations during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Article Summary:

1. Emphasis on workflow is crucial.

2. In a time of crisis, attention to detail is limited

3. Training on telemedicine can truly occur in less than half an hour

4. Capturing Data is key.
Whatโ€™s absolutely crucial during this time is to capture data - not only the volume data from the medical record, but also subjective and objective data from the providers. Did you have any audio problems? Any video problems? How do you assess the clinical quality? What suggestions do you have? Only with those data are we able to continuously change and improve the process, the training materials, the technology configuration, the messaging, the marketing, etc. I.e., everything that has to be in place for this โ€œclinical serviceโ€ to be delivered flawlessly.

5. Designing the process for long-term is easy to do, but hard to sell

6. Direct-to-Consumer Telemedicine is truly one of the most challenging telemedicine use cases

7. Clinical Leadership involvement is key
Ultimately, telemedicine is about practicing medicine at a distance. And not all patients and conditions are amenable to telemedicine. To avoid patient harm or dissatisfying telemedicine experiences (for both, providers and patients), an organization has to quickly establish clinical guidelines as to what the clinical leadership deems to be appropriate. There are also numerous clinical telemedicine guidelines published for a variety of specialties that should be consulted.

In summary, a complete successful telemedicine launch can be accomplished in as little as a week. I fully expect that by the end of this week all ~20 providers in all 5 locations to be confident in their ability to deliver great care via telemedicine, whether the providers are in the office or at home.

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