How do you measure Telehealth Success?

Not all metrics we could collect are meaningful and some relevant aspects of telehealth success are difficult to measure accurately. Measuring success can be a tricky business. 

Not everything that can be counted counts. Not everything that counts can be counted. — William Bruce Cameron
In our opinion, there is only one valid business reason to justify the effort that goes into the collection, analysis, and reporting of metrics: Clarity of Action.

What I advise all of my clients as we establish performance dashboards is to have established clarity around the following aspects for each metric:
  • Ownership: who is the executive owner and who is the operational owner of that metric?
  • Definition: how is the metric collected and analyzed? how often? how should it be reported?
  • Expectations: what are the targets for acceptable performance? for success?
  • Actions: what actions will be taken if the metric does not meet the target? what if it exceeds the target? what if it hits the target?

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