In today's edition: Telehealth Misconception + Telehealth's new online community. Did you know Amazon Alexa has a Daily Telehealth Brief? Let's look at next week's virtual communication edition aka why do we trust zoom to develop virtual capabilities to treat patients?

  • Telehealth Misconceptions
    • Telehealth is not all about technology
  • Amazon Alexa's Daily Telehealth Brief
    • "Alexa, what's my Flash Briefing?โ€
  • Why we trust zoom!
    • What technology do you need to develop virtual capabilities to treat patients?


Since the beginning of COVID19, it is pretty clear Telehealth is taking off. However, there are still several misconceptions that may be why many telehealth implementations still have disappointing results.

Telehealth is not all about technology. Itโ€™s about people (patients, providers, nurses, MAs, etc.) and processes (such as scheduling, syncing, billing, etc.).

Many of the misconceptions focus on the technology in telehealth.

1. Telehealth is a Healthcare IT Acquisition and Deployment Project
2. There is one technology solution for telehealth that everyone will use
3. Our IT staff is best suited to run our telehealth program
4. Telehealth Vendors will help us to properly set up our telemedicine services
5. Once weโ€™ve established one telehealth service, we can quickly roll it out to others
6. Telehealth is just a different way to deliver care

Let's discuss any other misconceptions together!

โ€Christian Milaster, of Ingenium Healthcare Advisors' description of the reality and a hint at some of the tactics can help you take advantage of your new understanding of the reality to launch telehealth services (even) more successfully.


Telehealth Daily from Alexa
Did you know you can get a Daily Telehealth Amazon Alexa Brief ??

Our friends over at Telehealth And Medicine Today (TMT) released this Amazon feature. Shoutout to a TMT intern, Alexander Zaleski - a student at UCONN!

Enable the TMT Flash Briefing on your Alexa App today!
Alexa, what's my Flash Briefing?โ€
โ€œAlexa, play my Flash Briefingโ€

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Coming next to next week newsletter:
Next week, we'll focus on what you need for a seamless transition from healthcare to virtual care...without losing any of the โ€˜care.โ€™ย 

Telehealth enables real-time collaboration and communications with doctors, labs, and specialists unencumbered by geographic constraints.

First, come the people and the process ( such as scheduling, syncing, billing, etc). What technology do you need to develop virtual capabilities to treat patients?
  1. Emphasis on workflow is crucial.
  2. In a time of crisis, attention to detail is limited
  3. Training on telemedicine can truly occur in less than half an hour
  4. Capturing Data
  5. Designing the process for long-term is easy to do, but hard to sell
  6. Direct-to-Consumer Telemedicine is truly one of the most challenging telemedicine use cases
  7. Clinical Leadership involvement is key
  8. Technology - video-based communication with comprehensive compliance and security....hint hint: It's Zoom.

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