Now access to mental health services can be as easy as opening your Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram app. Facebook is partnering up with expert guides and information from NAMI, Kids Help Phone, World Health Organization Digital Stress Management Guide, and It’s OK To Talk to create the Emotional Health resource center. The goal of the partnership is to connect users of the social media platforms with mental health services and support in the form of conversation stickers, tips, and direct support. As we celebrate #mentalhealthawarenessweek , it’s important steps like these that companies need to take toward normalizing mental health struggles. However, the hypocrisy must be noted. Facebook and Instagram have long been the leading locations for cyberbullying and, unfortunately, the leading causes for teen and child suicide. Social media in general has impacted both the awareness of mental health but also the cause. Mental health issues are on the rise as we become more and more connected to our phones. Yet, having places on these apps that are dedicated to supporting healthy decisions for mental health and put teens in direct contact with people that can help is, nonetheless, a step in the right direction.

would you really want to trust facebook and Instagram with your mental health?

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