Last week the American Association of Medical Society's County CEO group hosted a conversation on virtual meetings and I provided a case study of our hybrid annual meeting held July 31. In this presentation and discussion, I shared about the ins-and-outs of running a three-camera (laptop) live discussion paired with a virtual social hour using the simplest (IMHO) platform available: Zoom.

Here's a link to that training:Β 

The hybrid Annual Meeting was a proof-of-concept meeting for me to push the boundaries of what we could do on the cheap. While you may not ever choose to host this complicated a meeting, the discussion will give you plenty to think about for any virtual/hybrid meeting regarding audio, video, preparation, technical expertise, equipment, and sponsors.

Here is a link to the Physician of the Year award video so you can see the final product where we switched between three cameras (laptops.) It doesn’t display the annual meeting business portion but that is covered in the training video.
Also, Beth from is hosting an Advanced Zoom Techniques webinar at 2 PM MST 8/10/20 (REGISTER HERE for Advanced Zoom Techniques) and the follow-up link is supposed to be posted here:

Attached are samples of the planning documents we used for our meeting.
2020 Annual Meeting Agenda.docx 36.9 KB

Steven Reames, Ada County Medical Society

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