“Black Swan”, a theory developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, is the occurrence of a highly improbable event that has a major impact on our lives.

So, here are three of my current predictions:

1. Healthcare delivery will continue to become increasingly fragmented
2. Digital Health Innovation’s Shining Moment
3. Accelerate Innovation Adoption or Shrivel Up

I break down each point: Telehealth And The Black Swan: 3 Current Predictions

While the Covid-19 pandemic has long been expected by researchers and (some) politicians, the impact and implications beyond the obvious was something that very few (if any) predicted.
  • A shortage of webcams (and 400% price hikes)?
  • The meteoric adoption of telehealth?
  • The reimbursement for telephonic care? (long eschewed across all payors)
  • A disruption to the traditional healthcare model?
In hindsight, these seem obvious (except probably the last one).

But lamenting the lack of foresight is pointless.

Read the full article here: Telehealth And The Black Swan

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