Zoom Launches Hardware-as-a-Service Program

Video-enabled conference rooms and cloud phone products are among the most powerful business tools available, especially with businesses needing exceptional resilience and agility more than ever. Conference rooms with video conferencing technology provide professional, high-quality face-to-face communication from the comfort of the office, while cloud phone products allow employees to work from anywhere they have a connection, reducing friction in internal and external communication and driving employee productivity. However, the prohibitive cost of top-tier hardware solutions and the significant investment required to scale these hardware solutions often prevents companies from providing employees with effective hardware solutions.

Learn more about Zoom Hardware as a Service program.

Zoom’s new Hardware as a Service (HaaS) program
, initially available to only our US customers, provides access to Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms hardware solutions with a budget-friendly subscription service, giving organizations the ability to outfit their employees with leading hardware solutions and affordably scale these solutions at a fixed monthly price. Here are some of the benefits of Zoom’s HaaS program:

Low upfront costs and predictable budgets
Fully supported by ZoomΒ 

To learn more about Zoom’s HaaS program, please visit our Hardware as a Service page or read our press release.Β 
I saw this announcement yesterday. It's an interesting strategy to get in the hardware space. I think it makes a great deal of sense. Not sure about the pricing of this product -- it seems expensive but if they can add more partners/functionality the business market may have an appetite.

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