How has Zoom’s #HIPAA compliance given your healthcare practice a second chance? Let's talk about it in our community

Some of Zoom's comprehensive compliance and security simplifies routine checkups, prescription refills, and general care. It makes a simple routine checkup possible.  Healthcare organizations using Zoom get access to:

  • Secure video, audio, and content sharing across desktop, mobile, and conference room devices
  • Support for HIPAA and PIPEDA/PHIPA compliance, including AES 256-bit encryption of all meeting data and chat messages
  • Patient privacy features like Waiting Rooms
  • Zoom API access for integration with your important healthcare applications, including Epic, Strmr, IntakeQ, and Practice Better
  • Integrations for diagnostic cameras and other point-of-care devices, including digital stethoscopes‍
  • Reliability and quality: HD video and audio that provides exceptional clarity and quality, so doctors can effectively assess the patient.‍
  • Simple deployments for IT and end users: Busy healthcare IT departments require solutions that are easy to use and that they can deploy easily. Simple user management and single sign-on are essential for less tech-savvy patients and doctors.‍
  • Compliance and security: Comprehensive compliance and security protections ensure that users and administrators feel safe using a solution. A video-based telehealth solution must enable HIPAA compliance through 256-bit AES encryption for data in transit and at rest, and without accessing protected health information.‍
  • Integration with business-critical systems: Seamless integration with EHR and EMR systems, particularly Epic, will enable your teams to launch a video visit directly from Epic telehealth workflows and update charts and telehealth records in real time.
Additionally, U.S. congressional leaders have agreed on a massive funding bill to address the coronavirus outbreak that authorizes Medicare to waive geographic restrictions on telehealth. It also loosens restrictions on the use of a telephone to deliver care, as long as the phone has audio-visual capabilities.

I'd love to hear about how Zoom’s #HIPAA compliance has given your healthcare practice a second chance? Let's talk about it.

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