Amy McWhirter

Virtual & Live Emcee and Event Host
Soulful and captivating, professional emcee and event host Amy McWhirter energizes and inspires audiences to connect and take action.  Amy creates continuity and cohesion, drives deeper audience engagement and amplifies messaging. 
Corporations, organizations and event planners spend significant time, effort and money making their events a success, and ensuring the best ROI possible. A seemingly small addition - hiring a professional host - can make a big difference in the outcome of their event and the experience and engagement of audiences.

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Here are 5 reasons to consider hiring a professional emcee for your next event:


The Emcee projects your company, messaging and brand with polish, high energy and credibility, serving as the voice and face of the event. Matching tone and messaging to the audience ensures that the goals of the event are met, offers the audience a breather, and reinforces key messages and takeaways.  Your event host keeps things moving with poise, in-the-moment graceful adaptation, warmth and impact. Partnering with an expert Event Host and Emcee (MC) allows companies to maximize their impact with leaders, sales teams, employees, customers, speakers and attendees.




To find out more about how I can support your next event and set you up for success, feel free to comment below or message me directly so we can chat.

Hi everyone!

Rooted in medical and technical backgrounds, I’ve been engaging as a corporate Event Emcee for the last 10 years.

Creating engaging virtual events is a huge topic right now. Dare we say the word on everyone's mind lately - "pivot"?  Well, it is the current reality and an apt term for today's environment.  While we may miss the in-person energy and connection of live events, the good news is that audience engagement is still possible in a live broadcast and virtual event!  And, you could argue, that energizing presence may be more important than ever to tie themes together, engage audiences to interact with each other, and maintain focus with distractions lurking near attendees' screens.

Check out my quick video about disruption and change with virtual events and how Skip Rodenbush and I at The Virtual Specialist, are uniquely poised to help.

Want to learn more about hosting a webinar...a Healthcare Hive branded, Zoominar with Amy as your host? Get in touch and let's talk

Great to have you join us  Amy McWhirter .  Looking forward to our first hosted 'Zoominar' inside the Healthcare Hive platform.